Project 2 Pillars Update


New Website is Up

Our new website launched today.  Check it out at  There is a new blog over there too (

All of this means that will begin to change shape a bit.  Rather than being the central web location for all things 2 Pillars, the site will now transition to more of a place where I blog strictly on the progress of 2 Pillars Church, lessons we’re / I’m learning, etc.

Please stay tuned here, but also set another dial over to the new site and blog as well.

True Christian Radicalism

“Change is painful to us all, especially when it affects our cherished buildings and customs, and we should not seek change merely for the sake of change. Yet true Christian radicalism is open to change. It knows that God has bound himself to his church (promising he will never leave it) and to his word (promising that it will never pass away). But God’s church means people not buildings, and God’s word means Scripture not traditions. So long as these essentials are preserved, the buildings and the traditions can if necessary go. We must not allow them to imprison the living God or to impede his mission in the world.”

–John Stott, The Message of Acts, p143.

Mission and Vision Meeting – This Week

This Sunday (8/22) after our worship gathering we’ll be holding a Mission and Vision Meeting.  This is your chance to come and hear the broad mission and vision of 2 Pillars Church.  If you are relatively new to 2 Pillars Church or are sniffing it out, or considering sniffing it out, please plan to attend this meeting.  Consider it a “newcomers” meeting, if you will.

Beyond the mission and vision, we’ll also explain the path of becoming more involved in what is going on here – namely, how you can become part of our Launch Team.

The meeting will be held in the lower-level of The 815.  We’ll start at about noon and wrap up around 1pm.  Kids are welcome as always.

Hope to see you there.

Worship Week: Night of Worship

On Saturday, September 11, 2010 we will be meeting here at The 815 for a night of worship and prayer from 7pm-8pm. This will be the eve of going public for 2 Pillars Church.  We will be singing songs together, praying together, breaking bread together, and asking Jesus for wisdom and strength during this next phase of the church. Please mark this date on your calendars and make time to come together in song and prayer.

Preparing for Worship 8.15.2010

Prep your hearts for worship and come join us this Sunday.  In order to help you, the following is a list of songs that we’ll sing together as we gather:

  • “My God, My Father” – Red Letter
  • “Beautiful Things” – Gungor
  • “Death in His Grave” – John Mark McMillan
  • “Help My Unbelief” – Red Mountain Music
  • “Overcome” – Desperation Band
  • “Dry Bones” – Gungor

Not familiar with some of these?  Download the lyric sheet, google them up (or YouTube) and get your heart and head tuned in prep for Sunday.

Worship Week: New Music Sunday

(Post by Matt Grant, 2 Pillars Church Worship Leader)

This week, I’m dubbing our Sunday gathering as “New Music Sunday”. Ok, now don’t get worried that were going to be doing a bunch of weird songs no one has ever heard of or that we are going to have our Electronica sunday (which we may do in the future) with blacklights and really, really weird dancing. New Music Sunday is basically what it sounds like. We are going to have a few new songs that are going to stretch and pursue us. I want to make sure we aren’t heading towards a rut of some sort with the current song selection, so what better time than this Sunday to introduce new music to you, the church body.  With the overwhelming response to last weeks new song, “Overcome”, it seemed apparent that the church was hungry for some new tunes. So this week our new songs are:

“Dry Bones” by Gungor

“My God, My Father” by Red Letter